Friday, July 23, 2010

Brilliant Disguises: Now available as an e-book

"Brilliant Disguises" is now available as an e-book at,, and other outlets. The reviews are rolling in:

"Thornton has much to offer the Christian fiction genre, and I hope that a publishing company picks him up soon." Christy's Book Blog reviews Brilliant Disguises here:

The book is "compelling, calling the reader to examine their own life with regards to their actions and motives." Radiant Lit also liked the reader's guide:

"Enjoyable" "Convicting" "An inspiring book with a great message." That's what an Ohio blogger says about "Brilliant Disguises." You can read the review here:

Book Critiques gave the novel four stars. You can read that review here:

AusJenny, an Australian blogger, said "Brilliant Disguises" is "thought-provoking" and "a great read." You can read the review here:

"Brilliant!" You can read Winning Readings review here: